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A Brief Introduction

The East Anglia region of the GCMA represents clubs in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, North East London, East Hertfordshire and Norfolk
Activities within the region include two business meetings per year (Spring and Autumn). Our AGM is usually followed by our Spring Meeting. We also hold educational seminars.
During the year we host a Guest Day where members can invite their Club Captain or executive from their Board.
We play matches against other regions from April to September, and a match against Suffolk Captains. The format is usually a fourball better ball matchplay, played in a friendly but quite competitive atmosphere. An ideal opportunity to build friendships and useful networks.
Being a member of GCMA you are able to join any region and may belong to more than one if you wish. If you are interested in joining please complete the contact form.

Communications with Members

Instructions for downloading the Club V1 App and registering with GCMA East Anglia

The Regional Committee has decided to communicate with members via the Club V1 App, this can be accessed by either downloading the App on your mobile device or tablet.

Please proceed to the Appstore or Google play store and search for Club V1 Members Hub. Download the App, it’s FREE! Follow the onscreen prompts, it should ask for your name and email address, following this you will be asked to link your new account to your home address. Please ensure all of the information entered is the same as the information we hold for you at the Region.

Once again follow the onscreen prompts to register using the details we hold for you at the Club.

Within the App/Hub you can see the latest news, competition results, documents and members details. Members can control the level of information available by changing their privacy status. Please ensure any details are up to date.
We are aiming for January 2022 as our starting date and will be monitoring progress during the year
Should you need any assistance in downloading the Club V1 app please contact
Robert Cooper by emailing

Annual General Meeting 2022
This year's AGM was held on Thursday 28th April 2022 at Boyce Hill Golf Club.

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AGM Minutes 2022

Minutes of GCMA (East Anglia) Region’s AGM held at Boyce Hill Golf Club on Thursday 28th April 2022

Welcome by MIke Verhelst
Mike welcomed members to the meeting. He expressed the frustration of the RM and Committee with regard to the lack of response especially in those members not attending the AGM.

40 apologies received kept on file by the RM
The RM asked for a moment for members to reflect on the suffering of people during covid and the invasion of Ukraine
To approve the minutes of the last AGM held by Zoom on 30th June 2021.
Proposed by :- Ben Tawell
Seconded by :- Matt Bowman
Passed unanimously
There were no matters arising
The Captain’s report was circulated previously
There were no matters arising
To receive the accounts for year ending 2021
Proposed by :- Ben Tawell
Seconded by :- R Cooper
Passed unanimously
Report - Guest day was held at BSE Golf Club
Managed to complete some matches
This year we will be holding an Ian Symington Memorial Day at Ely City Golf Club
This year’s matches are against the South east, Midlands , East Midlands, Chiltons and Suffolk Captains
Merger of Norfolk into East Anglia went through on January 1st 2022
10) To confirm Mr Scott Clark as Captain of the Region
Scott was presented with his chain of office by Mike Verhelst
Scott thanked the members for the honour of being Captain
11) To elect a Vice Captain
The RM announced that the Committee will announce the nomination as soon as a suitable candidate was found
12) To confirm Mr Gary Smith as Regional Manager
Proposed by:- Mike Verhelst
Seconded by:- Bob Tawell
Passed unanimously
13) To elect two committee members to fill vacancies.
No nominations were received. The members will be advised by the Committee.
14) To adopt the proposed amendments to the Regional Rules to include the facility for votes by proxy
Passed unanimously
15) AOB


GCMA (East Anglia)
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